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All of our sandwiches are served in award winning sourdough bread supplied by BreadBread.  We use a combination of three cheeses as the basis of each of our sandwiches- cheddar, mozzarella & Monterrey jack.


C'EST CHEESE | Our classic 3 cheese blend 

THE DUDE | Bacon & Maple Syrup 

C'EST DUDE | Ham & Sun dried tomatoes 

THE JERK | Portland jerk chicken & chilli jam 

JARDIN (V) | Mediterranean vegetables 

HOMBRE | Chorizo & chipotle mayo 

PIG OUT | Pulled pork & BBQ sauce  

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Halloumi is a cheese made from the milk of goats, cows and sheep. 

It has a firm texture with a salty taste. 


Our mac & cheese combines cooked pasta, our classic three cheese blend and a variety of toppings.

HALLOUMI FRIES (V) | Deep fried halloumi dressed with pomegranate molasses, mint yogurt, pomegranate seeds, fresh mint, chilli & sumac. 


HALLOUMI BURGERS (V) | Grilled halloumi served on a bed of salad in a brioche bun with a drizzle of harissa mayo.

HALLOUMI SALAD | Grilled halloumi chunks served on a bed of salad leaves, topped with fresh melon and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses. 

RETURN OF THE MAC | Our classic three cheese sauce 

SOUTHERN COMFORT | Southern fried chicken 

AMERICAN BEAUTY | Bacon & maple syrup 

MACMAFIA | Pulled pork & BBQ sauce 

MAMA MIA  (V)| Mediterranean vegetables & balsamic vinegar 

HOT JUAN | Chorizo, chipotle mayo, coriander & jalapenos 

Our gourmet mac combines cooked pasta with our secret cheese sauce made with 3 different cheeses and a selection of herbs and spices


SIMPLY THE BEST | Bacon, crispy onions & even more cheese!

SWEET JAMAICA | Fried chicken, tropical coleslaw & jerk BBQ drizzle

THE POSH ONE | Pesto, garlic oil, sourdough breadcrumbs & green salad

ITS NA-CHO CHEESE | Chorizo, cheese sauce, jalapenos & crushed nachos

MAC N CHEEZE (VE) | Vegan mac n cheese, grilled Mediterranean veg & garlic oil

Perfectly seasoned southern fried chicken strips coated in a selection of handpicked and homemade sauces served with our creamy three cheese mac or spiced seasoned fries!


SKANKIN SWEET | Southern fried chicken tossed in sweet chilli sauce

BUFFALO BAD BOY | Southern fried chicken tossed in EXTRA spicy buffalo sauce

AFRICAN QUEEN | Southern fried chicken tossed in our homemade jollof style sauce and drizzled in garlic mayo

YARDIE | Southern fried chicken tossed in tangy jerk BBQ sauce and drizzled in cooling mayo

All served with creamy mac n cheese or seasoned fries.

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